The Four Categories of Real Estate

Understanding the basics of real estate requires a vast knowledge of all topics in which it covers.  The Chicago Real Estate Institute offers the necessary courses needed to help all who seek licensure as an agent.  Providing both leasing agent and broker options that are flexible, affordable, and real-time virtual classes taught by industry leading […]

2021 U.S. Property Markets to Keep Track

2021 Real Estate Market Trends       2021 has been nothing short of surprises since the New Year was brought in less than two months ago.  However, that doesn’t stop the real estate market’s fluctuating numbers in many sectors across the country.  COVID-19 can most likely be the root of the extremely vast changes seen that […]

Zoning Simplified

Most people do not really pay attention to zoning laws or ordinances until they are directly impacted by them or their changes. The main purpose of zoning laws is to promote livable, as well as economically viable, communities. Zoning ordinances are set by local governments to regulate proposed developments. Let’s review the importance of your […]

Become A Real Estate Agent in Illinois

In Illinois, a Real Estate Broker essentially acts as a “project manager” between two or more people in negotiating the sale, purchase or rental of a property. People choose to enter the real estate industry for many different reasons. Financial freedom and a flexible work schedule are two of the main reasons people tend to […]

Finally! A Short and Thorough Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent :)

“Broker? I thought it was a salesperson license?” “Isn’t there just one real estate license?” “What difference is there between a leasing agent and broker?” “I thought I would get my license after passing your course.” If you aren’t already involved in some way with the real estate market, chances are you have absolutely no […]

Real Estate Marketing Tips: Postcards to Get Noticed

After earning your real estate license, you will have a lot to do to get started. One of the first things on your list should be marketing. Obviously online searching, mobile apps, and a Real Estate Agent Marketing Service expert can offer opportunities to be found digitally. However, just because people search online for real […]

Become a Local Expert and Succeed with your Real Estate License

It is pretty well known that the real estate industry is extremely competitive, so trying to make it with a real estate license means you need to provide something special that your competition does not have. Setting yourself apart as a local expert is one way to truly maximize the time and investment made to […]

Four Surprising Facts about Real Estate Classes

Taking real estate classes is necessary to earn a real estate license. However, the idea of taking classes can be intimidating for many people. Often people are scared of the time, money, return on investment and job potential that accompany the idea of heading back to school. Here are four surprising facts about taking real […]

Better Real Estate Investing with an Illinois Real Estate License

We have previously discussed using an Illinois real estate license in a full-time agent or broker position, but there is another way to use a license without directly selling properties. Real estate investing has become a lucrative pursuit as the economy has rebounded. Becoming a licensed real estate professional can potentially increase your success as […]

Illinois Real Estate License Can Lead To A Lifetime of Excitement

Real estate sales can be an amazing and profitable career. A few years ago, the economy had reached a very low point. For the real estate market, it was a devastating time. However, during the last couple of years, things have really started to pick up. It is now becoming a great time to sell […]