Better Real Estate Investing with an Illinois Real Estate License

We have previously discussed using an Illinois real estate license in a full-time agent or broker position, but there is another way to use a license without directly selling properties. Real estate investing has become a lucrative pursuit as the economy has rebounded. Becoming a licensed real estate professional can potentially increase your success as an investor. Earning your license will help you gain access to professional tools, provide greater returns on investments and can offer you complete control when selecting properties for purchase.

Easy Access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) are cooperative sites for brokers to share information on properties for sale. As a licensed real estate professional you would have access to these private databases, without having to rely on a broker or agent to provide you with information. Without your Illinois real estate license, working with a broker or agent will cost you commission on properties you would like to purchase as investments. If you have access to MLS on your own, you can do much of the work and research you need without having to use another agent. Depending on how much and how long you intend on investing in real estate this benefit alone can make the license worthwhile.

Greater Profits

It is hard to argue against getting a license when you can make a lot more money as an investor by doing so. The training required to get your license will provide you with valuable skills and information, helping you make informed decisions on properties you purchase. Although there is the initial investment of time, effort, and money to get your license, you will find that it is a great way to enhance profits so that every single investment you make is that much sweeter. Also, as your own real estate broker, there will be no sharing profits in the form of commissions with another agent. This extra money to your bottom line can really enhance your investment potential and bring you greater profits overall.

Complete Control

When you decide to become a licensed real estate investor, you will also enjoy the control you get from owning your own properties and deciding how to manage your investments. You are truly your own boss and will be able to run your business as you see fit. You will also have complete control when it comes to decisions on which properties to purchase, since you will not have to rely on anyone to give you advice. Instead of having to use agents, which you would have to do without a license, you can take matters into your own hands and deal directly with those listing properties. Taking out this middleman can mean a more informed decision so that your money has the best chance of growing in your investments. Also, as a licensed real estate professional, you can list the properties you invest in on your own and act as your own seller representative.

Pursing an Illinois real estate license is not just for those looking to become brokers. Real estate investors will also benefit from earning a license as they gain more control over their investments, increase their profits and obtain easy access to property information. Contact us if you are interested in getting your Illinois real estate license to start reaping these incredible benefits as a real estate investor and a licensed agent.