Four Surprising Facts about Real Estate Classes

Taking real estate classes is necessary to earn a real estate license. However, the idea of taking classes can be intimidating for many people. Often people are scared of the time, money, return on investment and job potential that accompany the idea of heading back to school. Here are four surprising facts about taking real estate classes at the Chicago Real Estate Institute that highlight the benefits of choosing a new career in real estate:

1. Minimal time investment

When compared to the education you’d need in any other profession, real estate courses take surprisingly little time to complete. Rather than spending months or years taking college classes, you can finish one of our courses in 90 hours and be ready to take your licensing exam.

2. Inexpensive

Our real estate courses are very affordable, costing much less than college tuition would. And since we offer online classes that can be completed at your pace, students are not required to give up their existing jobs and can continue to earn a living as they prepare to become brokers.

3. No limit on income

There are not many careers that offer the opportunity of unlimited earning potential. The amount of income you’ll make as a real estate broker will depend on your hard work and efforts. There is virtually
no limit to the amount of money you could make. If you are willing to work hard, your return on your investment in education will be more than worth it.

4. Opens the doors to other career paths

Taking a real estate course can prepare you for a number of careers aside from that of a broker. Once you are licensed you will have options aside from just selling properties. A few occupations that will open up to you as possibilities are:

  • Mortgage broker
  • Property management
  • Insurance sales agent
  • Community association manager

Many people also use our courses as a stepping-stone to begin a career as a managing broker or property appraiser as well.

Taking real estate classes at CREI will offer you a path to success that is unparalleled by other new career training. Get started today, and you could be on your way to a brighter future in no time. Contact us to find out more about enrolling in our classes and take your first step to becoming a real estate professional.