Broker Self-Study Class

Broker Self-Study Students will receive a copy of the textbook and materials (free shipping). Student’s will study the material on their own.

Broker Self-Study class features

  • You will get lifetime access to Google Classroom for Quizzes and review materials.
  • Access to prerecorded Audio lectures.
  • The Class comes with a physical copy of the 10th edition modern real estate practice book.
  • Exam Prep hundreds of questions to review before you take the state exam and Test Prep strategies.
  • We will also discuss how to proceed after this course is over and how to get setup with PSI so you can take the State administered Exam and finish your path to be a Licensed Broker.
  • Please contact us or email our office to schedule a day and time to take your final exam. A transcript will be issued after a student receives a passing score on the exam.

The Chicago Real Estate Institute can start and continue your career in real estate.

We have helped start the career of over 8,000 students during our 25 years in business. Our focus is on enriching each student, and providing them with a firm understanding of the real estate industry. Our instructors have years of experience, and provide their knowledge and expertise to each student during the course. Combined with our in-depth curriculum, students also have teachers who have received high accolades, and have years of experience in the industry. When you attend the Chicago Real Estate Institute, you will receive a superior education and opportunity to network with industry professionals. Register for a class today and get ready for a new career with endless possibilities!

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