What makes the Chicago Real Estate Institute different is our instructors and small class sizes, our faculties mission is to provide the student with a personal learning experience so they can pass the State Exam on the first try. Our faculty consists of approved instructors who are practicing Brokers, Appraisers, Mortgage Bankers and leaders in other related real estate fields.

Oliver Stone

Oliver Bio Head Instructor

Oliver Stone | Head Instructor

Oliver Stone is a licensed broker, managing broker, and pre-license instructor who brings his knowledge of mathematics to the classroom to better instruct students on the numbers side of real estate deals. Oliver has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and is a partner in the Chicago Real Estate Institute. With his degree in accounting, he brings a discipline for the arithmetic to the classroom and the process needed to learn all facets of Real Estate calculations. As a volunteer activity, Oliver is the treasurer of the prestigious Wrightwood Neighbors Association.

Joshua Orlan

Josh Orlan | Instructor

Joshua Orlan has been a licensed real estate broker since 1985 and mortgage broker since 1999.  Combining intimate knowledge of these functions serves as the core of his ability to teach students what it means to be a successful real estate broker.  Combining industry knowledge, a deep well of experiences and good humor Josh enjoys teaching and, in his words, “feels he has something to offer”.  Joshua Orlan has sold real estate nationally as a real estate broker and auctioneer and has owned a mortgage firm, investment real estate, worked with some of the most demanding clients and customers and still loves the business and shares his enthusiasm with the students who take his class. Joshua has joined the Chicago Real Estate institute in 2020.

Nancy Freeman

Nancy Freeman | Instructor

Nancy Freeman has been working in real estate for 42 years she is the Owner and Managing Broker of Metro Realty in Joliet, IL, Nancy is licensed to teach CE and Pre-Licensing for Brokers and Managing Brokers. She has authored over 10 courses and a book titled “Go for It”. She has joined AM560 The Answer, Real Estate Revealed radio show. Training and teaching are her passion. Nancy has joined the Chicago Real Estate Institute in 2020.