2021 U.S. Property Markets to Keep Track

2021 Real Estate Market Trends

      2021 has been nothing short of surprises since the New Year was brought in less than two months ago.  However, that doesn’t stop the real estate market’s fluctuating numbers in many sectors across the country.  COVID-19 can most likely be the root of the extremely vast changes seen that effects the lives of all.  Nevertheless, not all changes coming into this new year should be viewed as inadequate or unpleasant.

Midwest Home Values

      The Midwestern states have been displaying a continual uptick in many areas of real estate.  Their housing marking boom has been showing very positive improvement in upcoming cities that can be just as much of a staple point powerhouse as the larger neighboring cities they are surrounded by.  In November of 2020, home prices skyrocketed to around 15% leveraging the national property median to over $300,000.  This may be due to the rise in closed property sales with the help of lower mortgage interests’ rates.  Being the lowest it has been in almost 30 years, fixed-rate mortgages have lowered to nearly 2%.

Other Midwestern Cities like Grand Rapids & Indianapolis

      Midwestern cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan and Indianapolis, Indiana have been generating notable worthy buzz as an effect of these market changes.  Grand Rapids, Michigan has displayed an increased year-over-year property assessment rate of around 11%.  Due to the growing popularity, the listed sales are tight.  Indianapolis, Indiana is showing a similar trend of rapid closed sales and home ownership advancing more than ever before.  Urban area homes sales being acquired at a staggering 50% rate within a two-week timeframe towards the end of 2020.

How Chicago Real Estate Institute Can Help Get You Started

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