Making a Career Change: Illinois Real Estate as a Second Career

One of the major perks of becoming a licensed Illinois leasing agent or Illinois broker is the flexible schedule. As long as you set aside certain blocks of time for client meetings and showings, you essentially create your own hours. If you’re looking to make some extra money, or looking for a way into the Illinois real estate industry, adding it on as a second career is the perfect start.

Certain careers mesh better with the flexible schedule of an Illinois leasing agent or Illinois broker, as do certain personalities. Here’s a list of some careers that work best with the demands of an Illinois real estate professional.

Restaurant Industry – Like Illinois leasing agents and brokers, those who work in the Illinois restaurant industry make their money largely based on their outgoing personality and attention to detail. It also helps that servers, bartenders, hosts, bussers and bar backs can easily mold their schedule to make room for other work.

Entertainment Industry – Actors, actresses, musicians, models and dancers often have breaks before beginning their next project. So why not schedule showings in between auditions, or meet with tenants in the morning before rehearsal? Those in the entertainment industry also have a knack for communication and dealing with different personalities.

Flight Attendants – Flight attendants usually work three day periods at a time. So what do they do when they’re not in the air? Becoming an Illinois real estate professional is a way to stay busy and make money on breaks from flying.

Personal Trainers – Like those in the Illinois real estate industry, the schedule of a personal trainer relies heavily on their client’s. When they’re not busy with a trainee, they can devote their time to their tenants. Another perk of the personal training occupation is connections. Trainers meet so many people through their employers and clients, they would enter the industry with a solid network to reach out to.

Salesmen (or women) – In real estate, the sale is what it’s all about. If someone has a knack for selling something, whether it’s insurance, cars or retail, they can easily transfer that talent over to real estate. With proper training and a license, any salesperson will be on their way to success in no time.

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