Upcoming Courses at CREI — Sign Up Today!

Check out these upcoming courses here at the Chicago Real Estate Institute.

Leasing Agent Course

Live 15 Hour Convenient Interactive Course ($175.00)
June 9th and 10th; 9:30am-5:30pm
Weekend, both days.

 The leasing agent title, which is only for residential leasing, is the perfect license for a great second career or introduction to the field. For a simple, quick and quality leasing agent education, sign up for the 15 hour course at CREI today. A 15 hour self-study course is also available for the same price. All study materials are included.

It’s approaching quickly, but it’s not too late to sign up! Call today at 773-880-7400 or enroll online at chicagorealestateinstitute.com.

Broker Course

75 Hour Live Broker Course + 15 Hours Interactive
June 19 – August 23; Tuesday & Thursday;
6:45pm-9:45pm for 20 sessions.

If looking to hop right into a serious career in real estate, securing your broker license is the perfect way to enter the profession. This 90 hour course consists of 45 hours in class, 30 hours of at home study and 15 hours of live interactive class. You also have the home study course option of 75 hour home study and 15 live interactive for the same price. All study materials are included.

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