Leasing Courses


With online, in-person, and self-taught class options, you can complete your 15-hour pre-licensing requirements however you learn best. Taught by one of our experienced instructors, these courses will prepare you to pass the test and start a successful career in real estate.

Hybrid Residential Leasing Agent Class

The Hybrid Residential Leasing Agent Class gives you the freedom to choose learning in-person or virtually from home or via Zoom meetings. This is a 15-hour 2-day course covering pre licensing requirement related to licensure for leasing residential property in the state Illinois.

Virtual Residential Real Estate Leasing Agent Class

This is a live class 15-hour pre licensing course related to
leasing residential property for students seeking agent licensure in the
state of Illinois.

Residential Leasing Agent Self-Study

Designed to meet the 15-hour pre-licensing requirement for students seeking leasing agent licensure in the state of Illinois from the comfort of their homes.