Bradley Business Center for Sale

In recent news, Chicago’s Bradley Business Center is now for sale.  Located along the Chicago river, the land is home to several smaller offices, businesses, recreational centers and more.  The Bradley Business Center is pinpointed alongside North Center and Roscoe Village’s busy neighborhoods. The property was first listed for sale in the market as of […]

Pros & Cons of a Starter Home

Trends report the second wave of Millennials now entering into the real estate market making their first property purchases, most of them being starter homes.  A starter home is the first purchase a person or family acquires.  The term starter home is labeled as such due to the fact that it’s rarely considered or used […]

Timeless Kitchen Design Tips

The layout and styling design of a kitchen can make or break a property.  Whether on the seller or buyer side, a common realization is that a kitchen is where most check marks must be met.  Kitchen’s are the heart of the home and it’s important to create a lasting and classic space that can […]

Lavish Living Room Layout

Living room’s vary in size and dimension in every property.  It’s up to the resident to make it a comfortable communal space.  However, one shouldn’t be limited to size or even budget to brighten up the area and design it to one’s liking.  Being able to incorporate a few helpful ideas really elevates the potential […]

Real Estate Brokers Break the Bank

As we enter in the 2nd half of 2021, the real estate market has proven itself to be very beneficial to professionals in the industry.  This is mainly in part due to the increase of property listings being sold at a rapid rate all throughout the country.  Thus, allowing the commission revenues received by the […]

Initial Tips to Achieve a Bidding Boost

The housing market’s current state is a sellers’ market as increase demand for homes runs rapid throughout the country.  The competitiveness to secure a bid and ultimately own a desired property can be an aggressive task if a potential buyer is up against multiple contenders.  Due to this, it’s crucial to know a couple of […]

What to Know About REO

Real Estate Owned or REO also commonly referred to as “bank owned”, is recognized as homes that have been foreclosed on by lenders or banks.  A home can enter a state of foreclose for many reasons however, it’s usually due to the event when a borrower’s mortgage payments become delinquent and ultimately goes unpaid.  The […]

Phase 5’s Effect on Real Estate

As we near closer to a state of normalcy, Illinois recently announced the plan to fully reopen as we enter Phase 5 since the start of the pandemic.  Starting on June 11th, a full reopening will begin however not all restrictions will be lifted.  Phase 5 is set to include the reopening at full capacity […]

Long vs. Short-Term Rentals: Best Option for Investors

Choosing to invest in real estate can be a very profitable option if done wisely and correctly.  Being that there are endless amounts of options to choose from, determining what choice is best suited for your needs can seem overwhelming.  Outweighing the pros and cons of every listing may be a daunting task.  However, if […]

Surging Home Sales

Reports have steadily shown across a multitude of data that 2021 would be a year of continual uptick in home sales across the nation.  As we persevere through a pandemic, through it has affected many fields. it has not slowed the real estate market in the slightest. Within the last month of March, over 59% […]