Real Estate Brokers Break the Bank

As we enter in the 2nd half of 2021, the real estate market has proven itself to be very beneficial to professionals in the industry.  This is mainly in part due to the increase of property listings being sold at a rapid rate all throughout the country.  Thus, allowing the commission revenues received by the broker to be very substantial to say the least.

The current state of the market is a seller’s market which allows homeowners listing their property and the broker handling the deal to reap most of the benefits of these high-priced home sales.  Since April, reports show an increase upward of over 14% which is the highest and over indexed it’s been in over 30 years.

If there was ever a time to become a licensed real estate broker, it is now. 

The Chicago Real Estate Institute offers a variety of affordable and flexible pre-licensure courses for those interested in entering the profitable field of real estate.  Providing both virtual and hybrid ongoing broker courses that can span across 3, 5, 6, and 10 weeks, this flexibility is unmatched when accommodating to the needs of all future students.  Taught by industry-leading professionals in a live setting, all of the educational tools and foundational knowledge given allows students the support and assistance they deserve in order to succeed as a broker.

For more information on The Chicago Real Estate Institute’s broker and agent course, please call: (773) 880-7400.