City Aids Chicago Entertainment

Entertainment Venue Aid           It’s no surprise that the city of Chicago is still feeling the effects of COVID-19 as it slowly adapts to the new way of life.  It’s safe to say that Chicago has come a long way since quarantined lockdown began in the end of March.  However, with the steady reopening of […]

Help to the Hospitality Industry Continues

As we are still currently within the midst of a pandemic, the hospitality industry is on the top of the list those felt the harshest effects of COVID-19’s wrath thus far.  With Chicago being home to an abundant amount of restaurants, bars, hotels, and more- there has been ongoing and continuous initiatives to help these […]

How the Market is Surviving in Chicago

We are currently living in a time that is both confusing and worrisome to us all.  All aspects of our day-to-day lives are effected by surfacing and uncertainty of COVID-19.  It is hard to say what “normal life” will look like, let alone will resume within the coming months.  Looking at the real estate market, […]

Is COVID-19 Leading Us to the Suburbs?

Social distancing seems to be the top activity we all are all currently partaking in due to the continual strenuous presence of COVID-19.  Being safe and healthy is the number one priority as a society to limit the spread of this virus and put an end to this pandemic overall as soon as possible.  The […]

Can Chicago’s Housing Market Recover from COVID-19?

The world-wide spread of COVID-19 has put everything at a standstill.  Those who are lucky enough to not be sick are burdened with the unforeseeable future that lies ahead of them when it comes to where their next check is coming from.  Bills, food, and rent are top priorities with no certain regulation as to […]