Is COVID-19 Leading Us to the Suburbs?

Social distancing seems to be the top activity we all are all currently partaking in due to the continual strenuous presence of COVID-19.  Being safe and healthy is the number one priority as a society to limit the spread of this virus and put an end to this pandemic overall as soon as possible.  The after effects of this virus will leave us all a little disoriented with our next steps into what we consider our new habits and standards.

Chicago is a small city with a dense population. 

Properties and its residents inhabit the heavily occupied neighborhoods.  Once we see a downturn in the spread of the virus, can this mean we push social distancing to new measures by leaving the city to more rural areas?

The suburbs are seen as the perfect area to practice social distance in full effect.  Unlike the city, it is rare to see a congested high-rise building with countless residents.  Businesses such as restaurants, salons, stores, and many more will not be as occupied as city locations might be.  Over the past five years, there has been a small continuous trend in residents moving out of urban areas and into suburban neighborhoods.  With Chicago being surrounded with so many adjacent outskirt districts, it is very easy to see an incline in this behavior within the coming months.

With the precariousness of many things we all face due to COVID-19 within the coming months, one thing is for certain; areas with highly concentrated communities are not the issue at hand.  It is the consecration of individuals that needs to be lowered.  This doesn’t mean that households or properties must lower their number of occupants.  Nevertheless, it’s up to each individual as to where they want to seek permanent residence.  However, regardless of the location, it’s the continued practice of social distancing that can aid us all to a healthier tomorrow.