City Aids Chicago Entertainment

Entertainment Venue Aid    

      It’s no surprise that the city of Chicago is still feeling the effects of COVID-19 as it slowly adapts to the new way of life.  It’s safe to say that Chicago has come a long way since quarantined lockdown began in the end of March.  However, with the steady reopening of businesses; there is still many sectors of the entertainment hospitality industry, such as concert venues, that can’t rebound as they’d hope.

Assisted Grants

      Thankfully, Chicago officials announced that designated financial grants will be appointed these specific businesses ranging from theaters, performing arts spaces, music venues, and more as an effort to get the back on their feet and aid their reopening in the coming future.  Though, it is not yet determined when live performance venues are allowed back at full capacity as COVID-19 is still an ongoing issue and precautionary measures are still crucial.

      Small business assistant efforts are continued under the federal Payroll Protection Program.  Over 2,600 small scale companies are covered by the Business Interruption Grants that will provide over $46 million in aid.  For state-wide companies that haven’t obtained funding under the Payroll Protection Program, they will be issued support that totals up to over $200 million by Governor Pritzker.

Future Safety

      As a city, we continue to push through the concerning times that COVID-19 has brought about.  However, though many businesses still may be effected as a byproduct from the pandemic, health and well-being is still the top priority to all.  The importance of abiding by safety protocols will only better the chances of the city returning to something more familiarized in the future.