Changes to the Famous Chicago Skyline?

When you think of Chicago, what are some of the first things that come to mind?  Other than its delectable deep-dish pizza, the Chicago skyline is a close second!  Thousands of high-rises scraping the sky at a fight for the top.  Each building holding a beautiful story all their own.  To be exact, Chicago is home to over 1,366 high rises.  Forty-eight of them perch up at over 600 feet. 

Now, whether you refer to it as the Sears or Willis Tower, it still stands at a whopping 1,451 feet tall.  

Making it the tallest high-rise in Chicago for the past fifty years.  Coming in second and onward in a tight race to the top is: Trump Tower, Vista Tower, Aon Center, and John Hancock Center.  Taking a deeper look into the economic view of this all; Chicago’s tallest buildings haven’t changed in over ten years.  Can this mean new horizons to update the famous Chicago skyline?

Alongside the Chicago River is home of Wolf Point West.  This gorgeous three-building community area is the second tallest of buildings on the near north side.  Rising at forty-six stories, this residential building is prime real estate for the city.

Something in the works is a seventy-six story skyscraper which is said to be located on the previous parking area for Holy Name Cathedral located in the Gold Coast.  Construction began in mid-2019 and is expected to take almost four years until its completion.  Going by the name of One Chicago Square it’s said to be costing more than $850 million.  Standing at a tall 1,011 feet, this high-rise will feature office and retail spaces including a well-known athletic company, grocery store, 850 apartments and condominiums, as well as 865 parking spaces.

Chicago real estate is never short of anything below beautiful.  The skyline remains one of the most iconic views in the world.  With construction of continual real estate being at an all-time high, the only way to go from here on out, is up.