Affordable Housing Projects in Chicago

  For the past 30 years, The Resurrection Project has been a longstanding organization to help the overall relationship of community and what it means for ownership, assets, and the structure of wealth.  Originating in Pilsen in the 1990’s, the founding members want to fix the ongoing negligence and violence that their beloved neighborhood was plagued with for so many years.  Since its start, The Resurrection Project has exceedingly developed community investments, rental housing, and ownership throughout the Chicago land area and surrounding suburbs.

  As the list grows for applicants looking for affordable housing, the Resurrection Project’s waiting list has lowered substantially as they help those find residencies throughout the Pilsen area.  The application process was rigorous as the organization filtered through thousands of applicants, thus leading to now only 140 possible individuals and families who can find housing through this process.  Due to the waiting list being so extensive, many are able to find homes in the meantime. 

  Applicants are eligible for affordable housing if their income is less than 60% of the median income within Chicago. 

They are also allowed to list what properties and neighborhoods they are interested in from what is available during the application process.  Extended offers of programs for home ownership and workforce housing is available to applicants through this non-profit organization as well.

  With the help of organizations just as The Resurrection Project, it allows all residents of Chicago to have the proper and safe means of living.  Allowing the overall culture of this city to vastly improve.  Thus bringing accessibility and equal opportunities for all.