COVID-19: What Does That Mean for Real Estate?

It is safe to say that these are very trying times.  It is of utmost importance to stay safe and healthy.  With that in mind, what does that mean for the real estate? Are there best practices that buyers and sellers should take?  This blog will breakdown some essential tips suggested for those needing guidance during precautionary ordeals.

Open houses are a vital part of real estate for both the seller and potential buyers.  

With social distancing at its peak, especially in Chicago, it is important to get creative outside of the normal boundaries in which we are usually in every day.  Technology is at the tip of our fingers and it is crucial that we incorporate in all aspects of our life.  Hosting a virtual open house for potential buyers is the best, safest and most efficient option to get your listing out on the market and still be interactive with others.  Along with professional photos, keep your clients in the know with an email blast inclusive of a meeting invite to keep them informed and updated of your listing.

Getting inventive as you also incentivize your visual open house will be greatly appreciated as well.  Offer up a special prize to a lucky winner who attends your virtual open house.  Surprise them by mailing them a gift card to a local restaurant is a great way to keep top of mind awareness with your prospective client as well as supporting a community business.

With your downtime, make sure and be active on your social media.  Networking is a huge portion of being within the real estate field.  Boost up your engagement with photos and motivation to lead viewers to your site and/or listing.  Social media platforms have incorporated so many interactive features that allows a more user friendly experience as well as drawing others in.  A great example can be seen on Instagram through their Story feature.  Host a live and collective video session of your choice.  Make it more attractive with the quiz or poll feature and reward a lucky winner with a prize.

Above are just some easy, fun, and inspiring ideas to get your mind in working and into go-mode during this time of quarantine and social distancing.  Though we may have to limit our face-to-face interactions does not mean that your business has to be at a standstill.  Think big while at home, the sky is the limit!