Commercial Real Estate Networking

As a real estate expert, you must continually build and maintain your network. Without an effective network, you may have a harder time finding leads that turn into paying business. Establishing a great network can be one of the best ways to ensure that you keep generating new leads every year. With these tips, you […]

Market Trends and the Effects

As the end of 2021 nears and everyone continues to navigate through a pandemic in effort to strive for a path or normalcy, the real estate market continues to report fluctuations across both buyer and seller markets. Data shows that in spring of 2021, renters lead the market with close to 10,000 units being closed […]

The Boom on Construction Materials

Over the past year, recorded data states that building products have surged over 19% and only continue to increase.  Along with many other fields, real estate is being heavily influenced by the inflation.  As a result of this, some of the materials being affected by this increase are, lumber, asphalt, steel, and copper.  Steel products […]

Property Listing Warning Signs

As one is actively in search for a rental unit, the quest usually begins on the internet.  The surge in virtual tours and socially distant property showings are now the new way of life.  All of the communication between all parties involved are currently over-the-phone and at times, renters may sign a lease without having […]

How do Property Taxes Work in Chicago?

In life, one thing is for certain and that is taxes.  It’s important to understand the different types of taxes that accompany your everyday lifestyle purchases.  With that said, in the real estate market- property taxes are ever changing and vary depending on where you reside.  In Chicago, property taxes are an ongoing influx of […]

Finally! A Short and Thorough Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent :)

“Broker? I thought it was a salesperson license?” “Isn’t there just one real estate license?” “What difference is there between a leasing agent and broker?” “I thought I would get my license after passing your course.” If you aren’t already involved in some way with the real estate market, chances are you have absolutely no […]

Live Leasing Agent Courses in Chicago

15-Hour Live Weekend Leasing Agent Courses in Chicago – Register Now – Space is Limited Kick off your Summer by accomplishing a major career goal. If you are considering a career in real estate, now is a perfect time to dive into a live leasing agent course at CREI. The best part? You can do it in […]

Introducing CREI’s Accelerated Real Estate Broker Course

Have you been looking for a real estate licensing class that doesn’t take months to complete? If so, Chicago Real Estate Institute has the perfect solution. We have created an accelerated real estate broker course (pre-licensing) that will fit the state-required 75 hours into a 3-week time frame. All you have to do is show up […]

Illinois Managing Broker License Renewal – Continuing Education at CREI

Spring brings many deadlines and changes after a long Winter. Tax season, change of weather and family vacations mean that busy times are ahead. If you are a managing broker in Illinois, Spring means more than just flower. It is important that you pay attention to the April 30th license renewal date for managing brokers. […]

Winter is a Perfect Time to take Illinois Real Estate Courses

Winter is here, and along with the change of season can come a change in your income, if you have a job that relies on seasonal conditions. If you are in landscaping or construction, the winter months are not always the most profitable, for example, and may cause you to consider getting a second job […]