Property Listing Warning Signs

As one is actively in search for a rental unit, the quest usually begins on the internet. 

The surge in virtual tours and socially distant property showings are now the new way of life.  All of the communication between all parties involved are currently over-the-phone and at times, renters may sign a lease without having to even step foot in the unit before moving in.  Though the convenience is helpful and efficient, a lot of trust must be considered for tenants to ensure that they are securing a place of residence that was promised to them.

The more detail a property has, the added benefit it has to enhance the interest of potential clients. 

A description of the property, location, amenities, and utilities are customary to a listing.  If the language used seems unclear or incomplete, it’s best to proceed with caution.  Conversely, if the property manager is eager to close the deal without the request of any background information and/or official documentation, that can be taken as another sign that should be taken with diligence.  A reliable and trustworthy property owner will    

Professional photos are crucial to any listing on the market. 

Regardless of the type, location, or asking price; listing photos can make or break the possibility of a property’s future on the market.  With that being said, a renter must be weary and be attentive when reviewing the photos for a listing.  The quality and number of photos offered for potential clients to view can be considered as a source of truth or quite deceiving to the naked eye at first glance.  Despairingly so, a common occurrence that may go unnoticed is the disingenuous placing of a watermark in the listing’s images.  If this is the case, there is a strong possibility that the images are taken from another listed property. 

      It’s a necessity that both the property owner and the tenant approach a deal with mutual respect and honest with one another.  Both parties having secure proficiency and context in one another’s situation will guarantee that the listing can close amicably.