Illinois Real Estate Exam Education


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So you’ve completed one of our pre-licensing courses. The state exam is looming ahead of you and you don’t feel quite ready yet. What are you going to do? How else can you prepare yourself? One of the better ways to practice for the state exam would be using ExamSmart. It’s an online program that […]

Illinois Broker

Broker Exam Review Class

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Chicago Real Estate Institute is one of the few Real Estate Schools in Illinois that offers students preparing to take the Broker AMP exam, a 1-day review class. Our class provides a brief overview of pre-licensing topics covered in both the national and state portions of the exam. This class is the perfect solution for […]

Career Change

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

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The real estate industry has been growing rapidly over the years. Many people want to be associated with it. There are people who want to become real estate agents because they feel that the real estate industry presents them with an opportunity to earn good money from commissions while having flexible working hours and being […]