Work Experience that Could be Helpful when Earning a Real Estate Broker License

Have you been considering earning a real estate broker license, but don’t know if you would be a good fit? If you have experience in one of these occupations, you could already possess a great deal of knowledge that would be helpful to you in your new career endeavor.

Advertising Agent

An advertising agent is responsible for selling advertising space to large and small businesses. Their work is similar to that performed by real estate agents in that Realtors® must constantly be looking for avenues to advertise new listings in order to gain the interest of potential buyers.

Mortgage Broker

As a mortgage broker, you are already familiar with the ins and outs of getting a home loan, and could even advise people as to the best route to take in many cases. You’ll be able to provide invaluable information to your clients, which in turn will build their level of trust with you and make them want to recommend your services to others.

Homeowners Association Manager

As the manager of a homeowners’ association, you’ll be able to identify qualities that make a particular property stand out from those around it. You’ll also be able to spot well-maintained property, and are likely to be able to recommend good neighborhoods to clients who are moving in from out of town.

Leasing Agent

After spending some time as a leasing agent for an apartment complex, you’ll have a great deal of knowledge when it come to finding and keeping good tenants. This knowledge will be very helpful when you are working with real estate investors who are looking for multifamily properties to purchase, or commercial buyers who would like to own office space they could rent to small business owners.

If you’ve ever worked in one of these positions, perhaps a lucrative career as a real estate broker could be right for you. To get started, contact us to find out more about the training plans we have available.