Passing your Exam after Completing Real Estate Classes

At the Chicago Real Estate Institute we not only offer you real estate classes with flexible options to fit your lifestyle, but we also want to see you succeed as you work towards earning your license. After completing the required courses, you will need to pass the final real estate exam before being able to sell real estate. Taking a test can be much different from learning in class or online. These tips will help you as you prepare to take your exam, after completing an Online Real Estate Broker Pre License Course.

  1. Take the Exam as Soon as Possible

You should prepare to take the real estate exam just as you finish your prerequisite classes. Making the decision to delay the exam or take it at a later date can hurt your chances of retaining the information you have spent hours learning. You are working hard to complete your classes and should be prepared to apply that knowledge to the exam as quickly as possible after your hours are completed. Do research before you start your classes to learn when the next exams will be, the cost to take the exams and if you will be able to register in time, so you have a test date in mind and are prepared to be ready for the exam by that date.

  1. Study for the Exam in Categories

It is undeniable that there is a lot to learn about the real estate industry, as you will see during your classes, and studying every single detail for the exam can seem like an overwhelming goal. Ideally, you should create categories and study each one individually, focusing on the core concepts. Doing this will make it easier to digest the information you study while also letting the details you previously learned come back to memory. Refer back to the structure and topics discussed during your classes and use these as guidelines for categories. Having a focused list of topics will keep your mind from jumping back and forth as you study.

  1. During the Exam Read Each Question Carefully

Reading through instructions too quickly or skipping over important information can lead to incorrect answers during a long exam. Especially in the mathematical category, you must have a decent amount of patience to read the problems before solving. Rushing through instructions can cause you to provide the wrong answer, which is frustrating if it is something you actually understand. Read each question at least two times and refer back to these instructions as you solve the problem. Pay attention to the time left for each section and plan accordingly. If you find yourself stuck on a question, do the best you can to find a reasonable answer and move on, so as to not leave exam sections blank. We recommend finding practice tests that you can take that will help you see if you are ready for the real testing scenario.

Our teachers and experts are determined to help all of our students succeed as knowledgeable agents. We are committed to helping you be prepared to face your exam and hopefully pass on the first try. While attending our real estate classes, whether in person or online, you will gain the skills you need to take and pass the exam. These skills paired with the training we offer to help you learn the industry will be invaluable to anyone looking for success in real estate. Start your new career and contact us to enroll in our 2015 classes. You’ll see that your new life in real estate is closer than you ever imagined.