Illinois Real Estate Courses: Belleville

If you live in Belleville, Illinois, it does not take much research to realize there are several houses for sale there. Belleville is close to St. Louis, Missouri, which makes it a great spot to live in and also work in St. Louis. That also means Belleville is a great place to be a real estate agent who has attended one of the finest schools in Chicago. Chicago? Yes, Chicago and you don’t have to drive there. We have the finest Illinois Real Estate Courses for you, and you can take them online at home.

That means in a relatively short time, you can be qualified to be earning real estate commissions selling homes in Belleville and boasting that you attended a quality school in Chicago. It easy to get started, just follow these steps.

1. Contact us and tell us you want to earn your real estate license in order to sell property in Belleville.

2. Set up a place in your home where you can study and use a computer to take classes.

3. Start learning more about Belleville and St. Louis so you will be prepared to tell people why they should live in Belleville. 

4. Start networking with other real estate agents. After you finish your coursework, pass your test, and earn your license, you will need to work for a real estate company for a minimum of 2 years, before you can set out on your own. Networking now will make finding a position with a great company much easier, once you are licensed.

5. Then start taking Illinois Real Estate Courses.

6. Pass your exams and you will be licensed to sell real estate in the state of Illinois.

Obviously you will need to invest time studying and networking to be the most successful but, otherwise, it’s that easy. You can live in Belleville, take classes in Chicago and start a new career in real estate with the help of the Chicago Real Estate Institute. We look forward to helping you get started!