3 Types of Mortgages to Know

As a homeowner, being able to take a mortgage loan can initially seem like a daunting process.  Aside from the legalities associated with it, there are many options to choose from.  Some of the most common types of mortgage options range from Adjustable Rate Mortgage (AMR), Federal Housing Administration Loan (FHA), or the Veterans Administration […]

Adjustable-Rate & Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Types of Mortgages       Deciding on a mortgage that best fits your needs constitute for a lot of factors outside of personal budgeting.  If you find yourself in the market to obtain a mortgage, there are two head loans that are offered that you have the option of securing.  Adjustable Rate mortgages (ARM) are set […]

Work Experience that Could be Helpful when Earning a Real Estate Broker License

Have you been considering earning a real estate broker license, but don’t know if you would be a good fit? If you have experience in one of these occupations, you could already possess a great deal of knowledge that would be helpful to you in your new career endeavor. Advertising Agent An advertising agent is […]

Summer Vacations Almost Over!

With the end of August comes the end of summer, and with the end of summer comes the end of summer vacation. So, it’s time to get back to school! And by that, we mean it’s time to sign up for our 75 hour broker course. Having your broker’s license is the perfect way to […]

Real Estate Classes Convenient for Downstate Illinois, Too!

Don’t you wish you had a dollar for everytime that you’ve meet someone from another part of the country and when you tell them that you live in Illinois, they respond “Oh, in Chicago.” Hmmm. Contrary to what a lot of people think, there is a thriving world south of I-80 in Illinois! Whether in […]

How to become a real estate agent in Illinois

The state of Illinois has different levels of real estate licenses which include a “real estate broker” designation, and after additional training and experience, another license called for the role of  “real estate managing broker”.  What are the differences between the two, and what is required to obtain an Illinois Real Estate License? The Broker […]

Getting Started Toward Your Illinois Real Estate License

One of the nice things about the Internet is it gives you access to a greater number of companies offering Illinois Real Estate License training. Whether you live in Chicago, Valley City, or elsewhere in the state, you can access the same pre-licensing training companies. Since you’re reading this, you already have an important tool to help […]

Sign Up Today!

75 Hour Broker Course Study on your own time! Best Price. Best Schedule. Sign up for our 75 hour broker course!  Finish in as little as one week, or take your time and finish in up to four months.  Start the course whenever you choose and study for your Illinois broker’s license on your own […]

New Leasing Agents – Need some Tips?

New Illinois leasing agents joining the industry may need a little push in the right direction. That’s what we’re here for. Here are some tips on how to make the transition into your new career. Stay On Top of Your Appointment Book Always confirm appointments the day before – this is especially important during the […]

Basics of Becoming a Licensed Illinois Broker

Becoming a licensed Illinois real estate broker is perfect for those who: Want to become more involved in real estate activities than a leasing agent. Are interested in having a flexible career with high income potential. Would prefer to work under the supervision of a licensed managing broker. Would like to develop a higher level understanding of […]