Tips for New Illinois Real Estate Professionals

If you’re just entering the Illinois real estate club, or even just considering joining, CREI has a few tips to get you started out right.

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 Tips for New Illinois Real Estate Professionals

  1. Find the Right Agency (& Mentor): Once your Illinois Broker or Illinois Leasing Agent license is secure, you have to find the perfect place to hang it. Every agency is different – some more teamwork based, some more individually based. Some specialize in Illinois commercial property, some in Illinois residential rentals, and some both. Whatever your career focus is, make sure the place you choose to work has a strong marketing presence, good reputation, and a solid training program are a must.  Once you find the right place, find an experienced broker you mesh well with to show you the ropes.
  2. Have a Concrete Business Plan: Illinois real estate brokers and leasing agents exist as a business within a business, and no company succeeds without a plan. Focusing on areas like sales goals, marketing and professional development each month is a necessity to succeed.  Setting aside a budget each month for these areas will keep you from straining resources you don’t have.
  3. Brand Yourself (Online): As an Illinois real estate professional, you must market yourself well. Coming up with a memorable tag line and ways to set yourself apart from the crowd are ways to promote yourself no matter where you decide to work. Pay close attention to real estate marketing trends and watch what other agents are doing. Creating a strong online presence is important, especially these days. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great ways to network online
  4. Manage Your Time: Being an Illinois real estate broker comes with many distractions – from the never ending procession of new agents, social interaction within the office and being able to create your own schedule. Planning out and sticking to a daily, weekly and monthly schedule is the best way to stay productive. When it comes to your work load, find the rhythm that works best for you, whether it be may coming into the office at 9 am every day, or working from home most of the time.
  5. Keep Your Client Stream Flowing: An Illinois real estate broker or Illinois leasing agent can never have too many clients. Even when your business is in full swing, keep networking. While transactions are exciting, many agents shut down for a period after they close a good deal.  Always be on the lookout for new clients to keep those transactions flowing.

If looking to begin a career in Illinois real estate, CREI is the perfect place to start. For more information, or to enroll in a course, call us at 773-880-7400 or check our website.

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