Habits of Highly Successful Illinois Leasing Agents

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Four Habits of Highly Successful Illinois Leasing Agents

Product Knowledge

– Obviously, the product of an Illinois leasing agent is the space or property you are renting.  If the renter can’t depend on you to know zoning restrictions, pricing, square footage and other relevant information, you’re really not doing your job at all.


– All renters are very different, and are going to have different needs at various times. As an Illinois leasing agent, versatility is important when bringing in clients. Passing up new business because you’re not familiar with the renter’s needs is not an option.


– A successful Illinois leasing agent leaves their tenant feeling like he or she has won. This means the Illinois leasing agent must carefully evaluate the tenant’s needs and desires in addition to how much their business is worth. The agent must be able to properly balance the tenant’s needs with their own as well as their employers.

Careful Tenant Selection

Make sure to run a credit check, employment check and, if necessary, background check, before getting too far into the deal. Asserting too much effort on a client who ultimately isn’t eligible to rent is a waste of your time. Be mindful of the other residents in the buildings you are renting out of. If their safety or peace and quiet is disturbed once a new tenant moves in, it’s a direct reflection on the Illinois leasing agent in charge.


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