Long vs. Short-Term Rentals: Best Option for Investors

Choosing to invest in real estate can be a very profitable option if done wisely and correctly.  Being that there are endless amounts of options to choose from, determining what choice is best suited for your needs can seem overwhelming.  Outweighing the pros and cons of every listing may be a daunting task.  However, if […]

Saving for Real Estate Investments?

  Real estate continually proves itself to be an ever-changing market.  The fluctuating marketplace has can be seen on a local and national level.  For anyone who has a stake in the field, it’s crucial to stay up to date on all the updates that can have a strong effect on your next possible investment.  […]

Where Should You Invest Within Chicago?

Chicago is a vast city in a small vicinity.  There is so many options and can be a tad overwhelming when entering the real estate marketplace as a buyer.  It’s crucial to understand the key drivers that are definitive needs and deal breakers before you begin to look at properties that are for sale.  Are […]

Top Tips When Investing

The Chicago Real Estate Institute is a one-stop-shop to help you gain knowledge and your independence when entering the real estate market.  The best way to understand all you need to know when investing in real estate is simple- get licensed!  CREI offers an abundant amount of flexible and affordable courses to lead you to […]

Is 2020 Your Year to Invest?

Are we ever be truly surprised to hear the market prices rising for Chicago homes?  2020 is said to bring an estimated 1% (and rising) increase rate to all real estate within the city.  If there is every a time to lock a property down in the area, it is now. With a population of […]

Better Real Estate Investing with an Illinois Real Estate License

We have previously discussed using an Illinois real estate license in a full-time agent or broker position, but there is another way to use a license without directly selling properties. Real estate investing has become a lucrative pursuit as the economy has rebounded. Becoming a licensed real estate professional can potentially increase your success as […]