City Aids Chicago Entertainment

Entertainment Venue Aid           It’s no surprise that the city of Chicago is still feeling the effects of COVID-19 as it slowly adapts to the new way of life.  It’s safe to say that Chicago has come a long way since quarantined lockdown began in the end of March.  However, with the steady reopening of […]

How the Market is Surviving in Chicago

We are currently living in a time that is both confusing and worrisome to us all.  All aspects of our day-to-day lives are effected by surfacing and uncertainty of COVID-19.  It is hard to say what “normal life” will look like, let alone will resume within the coming months.  Looking at the real estate market, […]

Are Balconies the Latest Trend Due to COVID-19?

The “new normal” is a term we as a community are still getting familiarized with due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19.  Life as we knew it is changing to better accommodate to everyday formalities as we rejoin society.  Along with mask wearing and continuous handwashing, businesses are the forefront leaders to adapt to this […]