Social Media & Real Estate

Networking is key in the field of real estate. 

A successful agent can not only sell a listing on the market, but also has a wide range of clients.  Whether an agent is representing the buyer or seller, a base of loyal patrons really airs the success of their career.  In the present day of internet forums being a main source of communication across all parties, an agent should use this to their advantage to tap into markets and expose their brand to increase their network and ultimately close deals.

Social media platforms enable the contact to a larger reach and facilitates the liaising that comes with being an agent.  However, the use of social forums must be conducted correctly in order to see results in return.  Each platform specializes in a variety of different features depending on what you plan on using it for as an agent.  Knowing and understanding the pros and cons of each will assist your task at hand to acquire the best outcome.

Facebook and Instagram can be viewed as the two most marketable social platforms for real estate. 

As a result of their certifiably high engagement factor, these two forums accumulate and allow the gathering of those with similar interests.  Facebook has features such as Pages and Groups that users can easily join based on a specified interest.  Whereas Instagram has one of the most vigorous performance for hashtag analysis.

The ability to receive high reach and engagement across public networks is vital in the real estate sector.  Though competition may be inflated, so is the potential to prosper.  Being able to recognize and acknowledge a targeted consumer audience allows the opportunity to grow your following and build a public image.