Hashtags & Real Estate

As a real estate agent, it’s crucial to maximize your online presence to enhance the possibilities of your career by expanding your network and clientele. 

The advancements of technology and social media platforms have made it much easier to gain access to a larger consumer audience and tap into markets that may have been virtually impossible in decades prior.  The universal language of hashtags allows interested parties of a particular subject to get a hold of knowledge that they seek, ultimately enabling faster and more efficient streams of communication.

Before diving into the steps of how to incorporate hashtags into the field of real estate, it’s important to understand what a hashtag is and the best way to use them.  A hashtag is a user-generated tag that is preceded by the actual hashtag symbol “#”.  Gaining exceptional notoriety on social media platforms to engage and connect users on a specific topic.  This allows larger audiences to view your post.

When incorporating a hashtag within a post for a listing there are a few things to remember in order to receive optimal results.  Research is key.  It’s best to understand your target market and demographic by knowing what it is that they actively seek and garner their attention.  Overseeing the market enables your postings to have more engagement, thus permitting free access and expanding the possibilities of more interested potential buyers.  It is key to be specific and distinct when using hashtags.  A good example of this is integrating locality-based words or popular realty terms.

 Lastly, the common mistake of overusing hashtags can be detrimental to a post. 

As effortless as it may seem to begin using and incorporating hashtags on social media, they are commonly misused.  It’s easy to become too comfortable with adding too many on social media which might come off as unprofessional and discredit the overall competency of your post.