Hybrid 3-Week Real Estate Broker Class

Hybrid 3-Week Real Estate Broker Class


The 3-Week Hybrid Real Estate Broker Class is designed to meet the 75-hour pre-licensing requirement. Whether it’s in-person or by Zoom, this flexible option will allow students who prefer an active learning experience with the flexibility they desire.

Please make sure to register for this class at least one week in advance, so we can have all the necessary materials ready for you. Alternatively, you may call us at 773.880.7400 to confirm availability and reserve your spot.

Hybrid 3-week Real Estate
Broker Class Features:

Ready to become a broker? Our hybrid 3-week course will give you enough hands-on experience to pass your Illinois state real estate exam on your first try. 

Accelerated – Complete the class in a fraction of the time!

Practical – Learn from professionals who are currently operating in the industry.

Flexible – You can choose between on-site classes or Zoom.


  • Streamlined Education Process – The 3 Week Hybrid Class is designed to minimize lectures while maximizing hands on training and time spent on preparing students for the Illinois state exam.
  • Flexible Scheduling – Students will have access to a variety of ways to complete their coursework through whichever modality best suits their style: In person or Zoom
  • Active Learning – Students will be engaged throughout the course with a variety of interactive activities such as case studies, scenarios, workplace observations.

Modern Real Estate Practice
in Illinois 10th Edition Features:

Illinois requirements to become
a real estate broker:

Becoming a realty broker is easier than you think. All that’s required to get started:
Be at least 18 years old and hold either high school diploma or equivalent;
complete 75 credits worth pre-approved courses through an accredited institution
such as Chicago Real Estate Institute plus pass exam set forth by the IDFPR.

The Chicago Real Estate Institute is approved by the IDFPR Education Provider #515.000040
We look forward to helping you become a licensed Real Estate Broker! If you have any question please contact us a here or call 773-880-7400