Five Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry is exciting. Agents are always networking, meeting new clients, driving to different parts of the city to show properties. As fun as it can be working in the field, most agents work alone. It is important for agents to be cautious of the dangers they can encounter while working and follow the tips below to maximize their safety.

Create A Business Profile

Try to keep your business life separate from your personal life. Create separate social media accounts, email, phone number and use an office address that is only to be associated with business related matters. Some agents will use a P.O. Box as an alternative to their office address.

Keep Personal Information to a Minimum

With more and more agents using various social media sites and online platforms to generate business, it has also created more opportunity for strangers to learn details about your personal life. When marketing themselves, agents should want to share some important life milestones with their followers. Sharing this kind of information makes the agent relatable to potential clients but be careful of what specific details you choose to share. Try not to check into specific locations or put too much details about family to avoid any potential risks that could endanger you or your family.

Avoid Showing Properties in the Dark

Time management is important. Agents are constantly juggling their home life with their real estate projects which can make scheduling a showing of a property difficult. A client’s availability can also make scheduling a bit hectic. It is best practice not to show a property once it gets dark. If you do plan to make the most of the work day, set aside tasks that do not require showing properties at night. Evenings are great times to catch up on emails or plan out tasks for the upcoming work day.

Meet Clients in Public Places

If you have never met the client in person before or don’t know them on a personal level, always set your initial meeting up at your office or another public space. If you must meet a client for the first time at a property, try to bring someone with you.

Keep All Windows Open

When you are showing a property, it is helpful to open the windows. One reason is that vacant properties can be a bit stuffy and the fresh air can help show the place better. Another reason is that when having the property windows opened you are ensuring that you are in earshot of neighbors or any passersby. This can help to prevent most unwanted actions.

Keep Your Cell Phone Handy

Having a cell phone wherever you go is essential as it gives you a reliable way to get help at any time. Ideally, you should keep a charger in your car, along with an extra battery, just in case your phone happens to die, and you do not have enough time to charge it before meeting with a client.

With real estate careers, safety is one of the most important details to prioritize.

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