Chicago Peaks Home Investment Sales

High sales and low listings

      As the country continually adapts to the new way of life amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate sales are on a continued uptick in major cities, one of them being Chicago.  The market reports that the listing of properties are at a staggering low as the sales prices continue to skyrocket.

      In comparison to the summer of 2019, median home sales prices hiked up an 11.5% increase in the Chicagoland area.  An overall annual differentiation reports over 20.1% leap in sales.  Chicago’s housing market is booming more than ever before as listings are closing within a matter or 30 days post contract signage. 

Broker Courses

      Now more than ever is the time for you to invest within yourself and begin your career within the field of real estate.  At the Chicago Real Estate Institute, we offer in-class, virtual, and self-study course options that will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed in order to obtain licensure as a real estate broker.  Across all of our classes, we offer one-on-one individualized teaching by industry professionals; allowing you to get the most of what is needed to succeed in real estate.

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