How to Become a Better Real Estate Agent

In today’s business world, competition is fierce.  In a rebounding housing market you need to be the best real estate agent possible. Buyers and sellers want a realtor that is committed to them.  Is that the feeling you project to your clients?

Here are 4 tips for how you can become a better real estate agent:

1.  Communication:  

Without good communication, your buyers will soon feel second or third best.  Instead of checking messages and returning calls and emails once a day, try to return phone calls as soon as possible or shoot a text or email if you are tied up with another client.  

From the beginning, it’s a good idea to spend some time seeking to understand what your client is looking for.  In your mind, a fixer-upper might have a different definition than in theirs.  You will waste time and possibly lose sales if you can’t deliver what your client is after.  

Communication is a two-way street, so be ready to listen keenly.  Key in to those little signs of approval or dismay as you show properties.  Your clients will feel valued when you don’t waste their time with properties that will never fit their needs.  Plus, you need to be able to clearly explain real estate jargon in everyday terms for inexperienced buyers.  

2.  Remain neutral.  

Do not push particular lenders.  This can be a huge turn off for clients who quickly assume you are getting some sort of kickback from a mortgage company.  At the same time, do not solely push properties that are listed by your brokerage.  As a buyer’s agent, your main role is to help them find their “dream” home.  That is only possible by showing them all the eligible properties on the market.  

3.  Understand the market:  

This doesn’t just include memorizing a list of the homes for sale in the area or knowing what’s the going price per square foot.  You need to be well versed in the local area –schools, exercise centers, medical facilities, HOA regulations, utilities (which companies service particular areas), and local churches, for example.  All of these factors could influence where your clients are willing to buy and how much they are willing to spend.  When you have this local knowledge, your client will see you as a reliable source.  

4.  Be honest:  

Be you.  Don’t try to be over-the-top friendly or a “yes-man.”  Clients need you to be on their side, pointing out the dripping faucets or ugly paint that needs to changed if the house will ever sell.  Even though you may be delivering tough news, when you are honest you build trust in the relationship.  And with those good communication skills, you should be able to deliver that news in a nice way. 

Following these tips will lead to more sales and better commissions. Want even more opportunities for improving your skills to be the best agent you can be? Further your real estate education, and contact us.  Chicago Real Estate Institute offers live and online classes for continuing education as well as pre-licensing.