3 Things to Know Before Going into Real Estate


Qualities of an Agent

      At the Chicago Real Estate Institute, we ensure that you are given the proper skills and knowledge to begin your career in real estate.  The field of real estate is vast and fast paced, it’s important to understand and apply the foundational understanding so you’re able to strive and benefit from your new lucrative career.

      Once your licensure is secured, finding an agency is crucial to build your clientele and get to work on new listings.  Since you are now your own boss, ambition, dedication, and flexibility are standards that need to be second nature in your day-to-day life.  Superior communication skills paired with an eagerness to learn will aid your career building.

Virtual Home Tours

      In the current day and age, open houses may seem like a thing of the past.  However, with the help of technology, listings can now be opened to the masses.  Virtual home tours have benefited many listings throughout the pandemic.  It’s reported that over 73% of sellers look to hire an agent to assist in sell their listing when the use of video tours is used.  Social media platforms will service the broadening your networking skills and bring in possible referrals. 

Commission Types

      Lastly, commission is the main form of income as an agent.  With that being said, it’s vital to know the types of commissions that is possible to earn as you advance throughout your career in real estate.  Rental, sales, and commercial commissions are what constitutes as the bulk of settlement sales transactions that an agent will receive once a deal is completed.  This depends on the location of your service in regards to the percentage received from each sale.

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      These three tidbits of information is just the starting point to all you can learn when beginning your education in the field of real estate.  The Chicago Real Estate Institute offers an abundance of courses that are created to fit the demands, flexibility, and affordability for all.  Feel free to give us a call for more information at: (773)880-7400.