Broker Licensing Age Lowered in Illinois- What Does This Mean for You?

In years past, it was an Illinois state law that you must be 21 years of age to receive your broker license.  Now, with recent changes, those who are interested can now apply to be a broker and receive a license at just 18 years old.  Thankfully, you can begin your career in real estate sooner than ever!

The benefits from this change are astounding. 

To qualify for an Illinois Real Estate Broker License, you must be 18 years of age, a high school graduate or hold an equivalent (G.E.D.) diploma, and successfully complete the coursework before passing the state exam.  Within those few easy steps, you may begin your victorious career in real estate.

 With the broker’s licensing course offered at the Chicago Real Estate Institute, we could get you ready for the state exam in as little as two weeks.  In our classroom setting, tenured class instructors who have years of valuable real estate experience,  can accommodate all those who are interested in becoming a triumphant agent within the Chicagoland area.

This recent age change can help benefit so many who are interested in starting their lucrative career in real estate before or even as they are in their early college years.  Being able to create your own schedule and work around the beautiful city of Chicago are just some of the amazing benefits that can entice the younger age demographic to become a broker.  Creating and expanding your network early on will pave the way for your future with so many open doors to opening in the real estate field.

There’s no better time than now to begin your career in Real Estate.

We are located near the easily accessible CTA Red and Brown line stops in the heart of Lincoln Park.  With accommodating payment options, cooperative class scheduling, and longtime knowledge; we formally invite you to start your future here with us at the Chicago Real Estate Institute. Take a look at our upcoming broker courses or contact us today!