Rental Fee Recap

With most industries, the fine print of any correspondence is the foundational path that can make or break the final outcome.  As a tenant, it is important to understand the common fees associated with renting.  This can vary from area to the type of property that one is planning to reside within.  However, there are […]

Property Type Surges for Built-for-Rent Properties

2021 has shown a significant surge in built-for-rent, commonly known as BFR, properties across the country.  With a growing increase of 7%-10% within the last year, it is expected to grow to around 120,000 in 2022, 145,000 in 2023, 160,000 in 2024, and peak in 2025 at 180,000.  Similar to other trends in the real […]

3 Tips All Renters Should Know

With renters making up a majority of the Chicagoland population, there are a lot of rules and regulations that can sometimes get swept under the rug.  As a member of the real estate community, you are responsible for knowing your rights and the laws pertaining to such.  However, is that always the case?  This blog […]