Rental Fee Recap

With most industries, the fine print of any correspondence is the foundational path that can make or break the final outcome.  As a tenant, it is important to understand the common fees associated with renting.  This can vary from area to the type of property that one is planning to reside within.  However, there are a handful of customary payments that are involved which can rack up in charges.

For starters, application, move in/out, and security deposits are the familiar fees associated for renters.  These fees can range across a variety of different spectrums depending on the location of the property and the landlord who is requesting them.  However, unlike the application and move in/out fees, the security deposit can be returned back to the tenant so long as the property is kept in good condition once the lease is complete.

In larger buildings with multiple units, administrative and utility fees are associated within the cumulative amount as well.  Administrative fees are customarily routed back to the property management.  Utility fees can include a multitude of line items associated with it.  This includes electricity, gas, Wi-Fi and more depending on the property.

As an agent, realtor fees may be incorporated as well.  The benefit that potential renters gain from hiring an agent is the access in acquiring their full portfolio of available inventory open to renters.  This can eliminate the stress that comes when on the hunt for a rental property.

Real estate is a field that opens the door to many possibilities and a lucrative future if an agent is willing to put in the work.  Being able to work on the buying and selling side can extend great advantages.  Especially when one is able to represent themself.  Becoming a licensed real estate agent is a flexible and rewarding career that can provides convenience and ease to the on-the-go individual.  The Chicago Real Estate Institute offers compliant and affordable courses that helps you become a licensed real estate agent and broker in as little as a few weeks.  Instructed by industry-leading professionals in small class sizes that is able to accommodate to your comfort needs.  Courses range from in-person to virtual learning that all can benefit from.  For more information on our upcoming courses, please call (773)880-7400.