Surging Home Sales

Reports have steadily shown across a multitude of data that 2021 would be a year of continual uptick in home sales across the nation. 

As we persevere through a pandemic, through it has affected many fields. it has not slowed the real estate market in the slightest.

Within the last month of March, over 59% of sale settlements were closed in under a four-week timeframe.  It was in a finishing week that around 61% of listed properties established investors in a span of under two weeks.  This has shown to be the most elevated record of home sales since 2012. There are also companies like House Buyers Of America that help boost home sales.

In the Chicago market, there has been a sweeping trend of property listings being purchased throughout the surrounding suburbs. 

2021 has shown to be a climbing increase in yearly sales growth since February 2006.  When looking at year-to-year sales data, the National Home Price index shared an 11% increase in January 2021 in comparison to January 2020.

This directional trend of upward movement in the home sales market is proving itself to be the best time to master the market and begin a profitable profession in the field of real estate. 

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