Staying Safe and Sheltered During Quarantine

Falling into unhealthy habits can be a common occurrence for us all during this quarantine period we are currently in.  Whether you are with others, solo, working, or inoperative; this is a tough time on us all.  It is important to maintain a routine of structure until we are able to regain our day-to-day normality once again.

During times of uncertainty and stress, it is easy to succumb to patterns of overeating.  Typically with overeating comes undernourishment.  Mindful eating is a practice that should be set in place as soon as possible, if you are not already doing so.  Mindful eating is a simple and effective approach to a positive mindset throughout the quarantined lifestyle.  Some tips for this are:

  • Prepare your meal with the designated serving style.  Eating on a plate, bowl, etc. allows one to be aware of what they are eating and how much
  • The use of utensils is crucial.  Along with correct handling of your food, setting down the utensils after each bite is a tactic that aids proper digestion
  • No double dipping! Especially if you are sharing your food with others, hygiene must be practiced in all measures at all costs

Time management is very important to better govern our days while inside. 

Setting time aside to be active is vital to everyone’s health.  Scheduling at least 30 minutes of activity is ideal.  Whether that be through dance, yoga, weight training, or even cleaning- getting your heart rate up and your body moving is a positive necessity for all.  Alternatively, proper rest is just as important.  A solid 8 hours of sleep a night is ideal for the removal of stress throughout your day.  It enhances your mood thus giving you more energy for the next day.

Using these helpful tips can aid the flattening of the curve within the Chicagoland area.  Thus, shortening the length of our time quarantined.  We all want to get back to our normal lives.  But, to do so, we must strategize safe practices even throughout social distancing.