Real Estate in Social Media

In a world that is becoming increasingly consumed by social media, it is essential to understand how real estate is effected by these changes, but more importantly, how you can use social media to your advantage.

Time Spent on Social Media

First off, consider how much time either yourself or people around you spend just scrolling through social media, the answer is probably a lot. This poses the question: How, as a realtor, could you use this to your advantage? The first reason that social media is efficient is for narrowing your target audience to a more specific group. You can do so by targeting specific online groups, distance radius, or on some websites such as Facebook, there is even a marketplace specifically for people to sell and lease things on. Essentially, you have a whole network of consumers at your fingertips, but this also means that competitors do as well.

Stand Out from Competitors

What will make you stand out from the rest? First, building a good reputation is key. Social media can take out some of the in person contact, which makes everyone’s life easier, but also rids an element of relationship building that makes a seller more trustworthy. Building a good reputation can be done by getting former clients to review you and write a response about their experience with you, and in doing so this will add to your credibility.

Know Your Real Estate Market

Another thing you need to know in order to fully utilize social media to your advantage is who your market is. If you’re selling residential, it’s important to know what age range you’re targeting for the house you’re selling or leasing. What type of person would best suit the neighborhood? If the answer is a family, how are the schools? Or if it’s a younger couple, what is there to do nearby? This same concept applies to commercial realtors as well, you could ask yourself: What type of business would thrive in the neighborhood? Once you answer questions like such and determine your target audience, you narrow down where you will post your ads so that they’re reaching out to those specific people, and you write your ads so that it will draw their attention. Just remember that one of the most important aspects of real estate is being able to adapt to your market, and utilize an ever-changing environment.