How to Decide which Real Estate Class is Right for You

Deciding how to enter the real estate field is not always an easy decision. Some will choose to become a real estate broker; however, for others, becoming a leasing agent is the best path for entering the field. While both roles offer fulfilling career options, personal choice becomes the deciding factor. Here is a quick test:

1. Do you want to get started as soon as possible?

If you are looking for the quick start, then becoming a leasing agent is the route to go.  A leasing agent can be a good fit for those who want are eager to get started in real estate within a short period of time.  The required 15-hour leasing agent course can be completed in as little as two days at a licensed education center or at home via a home study course. After completing a 15-hour leasing agent course and passing the Illinois state exam, you are on your way. The next step is to apply for an Illinois license and then you can begin working as a leasing agent.

2. Do you want to learn about the business a little bit at a time?

Some say starting with an Illinois leasing agent license is a good way to get wet without jumping into the deep end. While brokers focus on both leasing and selling residential and commercial property, leasing agents handle only residential rentals. There is less to learn at one time. A leasing agent directs his attention primarily to negotiating leasing agreements and becoming an expert on renting districts. Brokers assume greater responsibility by having to not only master the leasing agent duties, but he must also understand deeds, mortgages, purchasing agreements, contracts and become well-versed in current market conditions.

3. Do you listen and speak well?

A leasing agent has to spend time conversing to clients, in person, over the phone and via email.   Agents must be able to express themselves well and be a good listener. While the leasing agent has to know specific information about a wide variety of properties, the leasing agent must also be willing and able to listen in order to get a sense of what a client wants in a potential apartment or home and then match those “wishes and wants” to an available property.

If you answered yes to these questions, then leasing is probably a good option for you. Sign up for a real estate class. We can help. Contact us to explore your options.