Ready to Make a Career Change? Get Your Illinois Real Estate License

This summer’s news reported that Illinois median home prices are up 8.3% from a year ago and that the value of Illinois farm real estate is up 60%.

This indicates it is a great time in Illinois to become a real estate agent. With the market on the rise, it is a perfect time to earn your Illinois real estate license, which can potentially bring you great returns. Especially if you live in the rural areas and are acquainted with people who may be interested in selling valuable farmland.

You might not be in real estate now, but are you ready to make a career change and be part of this exciting news about real estate in Illinois?

It doesn’t matter if you live in the rural areas of Illinois, or in the heart of the city. You can complete coursework for your license at one of the best schools in Chicago. And you can do this while continuing to work. Our courses are offered for your convenience because we know you still have to make a living. 

While taking your coursework, you can also take time to be familiar with your neighbors and see who is interested in selling homes, farmland and other types of real estate. Take time to do the networking while you are learning the business. It will pay off later.

After you complete our online coursework and pass your exam for your real estate license, you are ready to go. So, don’t wait. Be part of this exciting news about Illinois real estate. Contact us and enroll in classes – it doesn’t matter where you live in Illinois. CREI will get you the license you need to make your career change and set you on the path to great success!