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At the Chicago Real Estate Institute, we pride ourselves on the knowledge we offer to those who want to pursue a career in real estate.  Whether you want to be a licensed real estate leasing agent or broker, we have all of the necessary tools needed to succeed in the lucrative field of real estate.  Offering top-of-the-line education paired with affordable courses, we want to get you licensed and market as soon as possible!

Live FAQ

Accommodating to the safety of our students is our top priority.  We understand that not everyone may feel safe within a typical classroom setting during this time of COVID-19.  In that case, we are now offering virtual online courses for both leasing agents and brokers to be licensed in no time.

Unlike other real estate schools, our virtual learning courses are conducted by live instructors.  Our instructors are experienced professionals in the field and offer the best educational tools needed to become licensed.  With the help of our live instructors, you have the advantage to ask questions and receive any help you may need as you advance throughout the course.  This course is offered via Zoom webcam meetings.  With the help of Google classrooms, all broker quizzes and extra materials are available to the students.  Additionally, all quizzes are graded in real time to ensure students can further their learning in all areas needed.

Course Details

In this three week long broker course, the mandatory 75 hour pre-licensing requirement is designed for all who are interested seeking broker licensure.  For those interested in seeking leasing licensure, the virtual course option provides the mandatory 15-hour pre-licensing requirement that covers all topics related to leasing residential properties.  Upon successful completion of either course the student can then proceed to the state licensing exam.  

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With the help of the Chicago Real Estate Institute, getting licensed has never been easier!  We want to supply the best knowledge to our students who want to further advance their career in the real estate market.  Begin your start to a lucrative future by calling for more information: (773) 880-7400.