How to Successfully Market Yourself as an Illinois Real Estate Professional

CREI’s next 75 Hour Broker Course begins May 7, but for those considering a career in Illinois real estate, planning marketing tactics should start ASAP. Here are a few tips on how to successfully marketing yourself as an Illinois real estate professionals.

Tap into Your Personal Network

From the moment you start considering going after your Illinois leasing license or Illinois broker license, start spreading the word. Even before you’ve taken the test, let those in your immediate social circle know. People are constantly in need of rentals and are constantly asking for referrals. Once you get started in the Illinois real estate game, having a solid group of friends, and friends of friends, as clients will be helpful.

Learn Basic Copywriting Skills:

Writing and posting listings are, obviously, a big part of being an Illinois leasing agent or Illinois broker. Grasping basic copywriting skills like SEO, key phrases, hyperlinking and, of course, spelling and grammar, will help you gain an edge on your competition.  Your listing is the client’s first taste of a professional relationship with you. Spelling errors and grammatical slip ups never make a good first impression, and making sure your listings are both textually and technically appealing is important.

Learn Basic Photography Skills:

Listings that include bad pictures, or worse, no pictures at all are a major turn off for renters. Mastering the basics of digital photography is helpful for Illinois leasing agents or Illinois brokers. Having flattering angles and lighting is important, not to mention making sure the space is clean, put together and presentable. Ask yourself this: if you saw the photos, would you want to live there?

Embrace Technology and Social Media:

It can be hard to keep up with the ever-evolving world of social media, but in this day in age digital marketing reigns. Maintaining a notable presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media facets is the easiest way to catch the eye of old and new clients alike. Weekly blogging takes your efforts a step further.

…but Don’t Forget Old School, Traditional Marketing Tactics:

As great and popular as social media is currently, old school marketing tactics are more personal. Sending out personalized thank you postcards via snail mail will mean more to your clients than a shout on Facebook.


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