How to become a real estate broker: Tips for Acing the Illinois Exam

If the idea of selling and listing property intrigues you, perhaps you have wondered how to become a real estate broker. In order to become an Illinois real estate broker, you’ll need to pass the certification exam that’s administered by Applied Measurement Professionals.

This exam is tough, so here are a few tips you can use to help you study for this test once you have completed the required training to become eligible for it:

This handbook provides a wealth of information about the test, including how to apply for the exam and the rules for taking it. This handbook also provides information on scoring in addition to providing practice questions and a list of topics that the test covers in order to make it easier for you to study.

  • Your course outlines can be extremely helpful when it comes time to study for the test.

The AMP handbook lists the number of questions on each topic so that you can tailor your studying accordingly. More questions on the test deal with agency relationships and contracts than any of the other topics, so this can be a good place to focus your attention when preparing for the exam.

  • Be sure to arrive on time for your test and have at least two forms of identification with you.

At least one of them should contain a current photograph, and both must include your signature. Do not bring personal items such as a purse or briefcase with you, as nothing can be taken into the exam room.

  • When answering questions, skip over any that you’re not quite sure of, and then come back to them later.

Many times, you’ll be able to find the answer to a difficult question by reading a related one further along in the test.

  • The math portion of the exam is sometimes rather tricky.

In order to ensure you are performing your calculations correctly, be sure to read each question over twice so you can make sure you are following test instructions to the letter.

  • You can also talk with agents who have recently taken the test in order to get helpful advice.

Find out what sections if any were especially troublesome so that you can study those particular topics in greater detail.

The very best way to be prepared for the exam is by taking the right training course. Here at the Chicago Real Estate Institute, we have been helping people all over Illinois achieve their dream of becoming licensed brokers by providing them with the education they need to successfully pass the exam. We would love to help you as well, so contact us today.