Find a Job in Real Estate that the Economy Can’t Kill

Can you find a job in real estate today when the economy prohibits so many from finding the career they truly want? The answer is a definite yes, because real state agents are continually in demand and will continue to be as real estate dominates so much of the national economy. How do you go about finding work, though, once you’ve received your license?

Do Some Research on Where the Best Agencies Are

This first step shouldn’t take too much work. While the very top agencies might have more competition in hiring agents, even smaller agencies can have excellent reputations. All agencies advertise extensively. Going on their websites can give you a better understanding of who they are, where they’re located and what homes they generally target.

Contact the Agency for an Interview

In many cases, you can simply call to make an appointment with a recruiting manager to set up a meeting for an interview. You may still have to send in a resume and application, though the process works a little faster in real estate depending on the stature of the agency.

Be sure to wear a suit when going in for the interview. It’s standard protocol for real estate agents to wear suits when doing business with house seekers. In addition, you should be prepared for agencies to conduct pre-employment checks on you with the help of companies like Sterling Check.

Things to Ask During the Interview

You have much to consider before working for a real estate agency. First, be sure to find out what the turnover rate of agents is in the company. If you find out the agency has many deserters within a short time frame, it might be a sign that the agency isn’t the best work environment.

Also, ask about expenses and what the office covers. When you become an agent, you might be responsible for paying phone bills, advertising expenses, or mailing charges. That could be a problem when you’re first starting. However, it’s a good idea to find out if mentors are available in the company who can guide you through these issues.

And, don’t be afraid to ask when commissions for house sales are paid. This is where you’ll make your money. Commissions will vary by agency, so look around for an agency that pays you the best rate.

Other Real Estate Job Considerations

Landing a job as a residential real estate agent might be easier, but commercial real estate agencies are also in high demand. They hire agents to handle the sales of apartments, hotels, and even large malls. These agencies deal with bigger monetarial numbers, so the competition might be a little more intense in being hired.

If you’re able to do more extensive education, consider being a real state appraiser or advisor. Appraisers usually work for banks and give an estimated worth of an existing property. An advisor will be help clients select the most valuable property for acquisition.

As promising as all of the above is, you still need the proper education before you can start. Contact us to help you get on the road to a real estate career you want. At Chicago Real Estate Institute, we provide the options of both in-class courses or studying online to save you valuable time.