You Don’t Have to Live in Chicago to take Illinois Real Estate Courses

If you live in one of the smaller cities in Illinois such as Kankakee, Monticello, or Peoria, you know that it can be quite a drive to a place that offers the Illinois real estate courses you need. You also know that customers will want to know you attended a quality school for your real estate license and you’d really like to attend school in Chicago. So, do you just sacrifice the time you might spend at home or with your family and just decide to drive an hour or more for class? You could, but you don’t have to.

Instead of making that drive one or more times a week just to sit in on a lecture, you could take the needed real estate courses in the convenience of your home. Think about the advantages:

1. You could spend the time studying and learning more instead of driving to and from classes.

2. You can schedule your class time and study time around your work and social schedule. That way you keep your current contacts, and can actually be building potential real estate contacts while in school.

3. You could start networking with other real estate agents in your current city. This will help strengthen your studies, and will potentially strengthen your career once you receive your real estate license.

If you live outside the Chicagoland area, why drive over an hour each way to take excellent Illinois real estate courses? Just contact us today and let’s talk about our 75 hours pre-license self-study course. We would love to tell you about the exciting interactive sessions that give you a depth of understanding and knowledge. Take that first step, contact us today!