Become an Informed, Compassionate Real Estate Agent

As a new real estate agent you will be working hard to build your business. You will be busy networking for new clients and relationships and capturing your share of the market. It is imperative that while you are becoming an established agent, you also become an informed, compassionate representative for all of your clients. True success in real estate comes directly from applying the knowledge you gained while earning your license, but also from considering the human aspects of the industry.

Provide as Much Information as Possible

As a real estate agent, you will be representing your clients in important transactions and decisions. To gain trust, you must be prepared to inform your clients during every step of the process. Start by becoming an expert in your area, so that you can accurately quote prices and market conditions. Make sure you are well versed in mortgage procedure and rates. Ease concerns by knowing the local schools, tax rates, and other community information.

Guide Your Clients along the Way

You will be your clients’ guide and must navigate through the available information to offer them the advice they need to make wise decisions. Most people that are about to sell or purchase real estate will be nervous about the process. It is not every day that clients encounter such a complicated financial experience. You must offer them a clear picture of what the process includes and update them to any changes along the way. In your initial meeting, you should offer them a step-by-step layout of what will be ahead and remind them that while the timeline may change, most of the items will be a mandatory part of the process. Once you offer a better road map to what they can expect, most clients will feel more comfortable with you, leading to a successful relationship. A positive experience can lead to client referrals and future real estate transactions with the same client.

Be a Careful Negotiator

When buying or selling most items your clients are used to having a set price and terms. Real estate, as you know, functions much differently. Clients will look to you to explain how negotiations work and why property prices are fluctuating. They also rely on you to be a careful negotiator while you are working for them. Taking a risk just to see if you can secure a higher price must be in the best interest of your client. At each point of the process, the needs of the client must come first. Prioritizing for your client will lead to successful negotiations.

Help Clients during Off-Hours

Real estate is a living, breathing industry. This is not a career that comes with set 9-5 hours. As a real estate agent, you will need to be on-call for your clients. Many clients will need to make appointments to meet during evening hours, as they have full-time jobs. Clients also do not stop thinking about the sale of their house just because it’s the weekend or a holiday. Offer all of your contact information and ensure that you are available to field questions at any time.

Becoming a compassionate, informed and prepared real estate agent begins with the best education. The Chicago Real Estate Institute can help prepare you for the road ahead. Please contact us to learn more about our classes and how you can be on your way to real estate success with CREI.