3 FAQ’s About Getting Licensed

When beginning anything new or looking to start a new chapter in life, it comes with an extensive amount of questions.  Those who chose to get licensed as a real estate agent or broker are individuals who possess qualities of independence, perseverance, ambition, and motivation.  The field is real estate is always every changing and is what you make of it.  At The Chicago Real Estate Institute, we provide top of the line service to all who attend our courses.  This is an institute where all who are eager to learn and begin their profitable career in real estate.  We are eager to answer all the many questions you may have.  Below are some of the most popular questions we are welcomed with: 

1.) What courses do you offer?

We offer pre-licensing courses for Leasing and Brokerage as well as review sessions.

Leasing courses are offered as: a live in-person class like setting and also a self-study option.  Broker courses are offered as: a live in-person accelerated day class, evening class, Saturday class, or self-study option

Review sessions are offered by appointment only with one of our experienced instructors.  

2.) What is the scheduling like for in-person courses?

The leasing pre-licensing course is a 15 hour requirement course followed by an exam.  The broker pre-licensing course is a 90 hour requirement followed by an exam.  Both pre-licensing courses are offered in a multitude of flexible options throughout the month.  Please check out our calendar on our website or feel free to give us a call.

3.) What is the licensing process like for Illinois?

To be licensed as a real estate agent or broker, one must complete the pre-licensing course of their choosing.  Upon completing the course, one must pass the pre-licensing exam.  Once the pre-licensing exam is passed, you are eligible for registering and taking the state licensing exam.  Subsequently passing the state exam, you may then register for your license.

We are passionate people who are committed to getting you where you need to be.  Please give us a call at (773) 880-7400 or visit our beautiful Lincoln Park location at 2711 N. Halsted for more information and to sign up for our upcoming courses!